Blessed are the dead

Getting to the capital

  • They went to deliver the Hearthstone to the pilot, but Eolande the dryad was there, waiting for Sathrago
  • She started saying how her master wanted to make a deal with Sathrago. She wanted to deliver the scroll
  • She also dropped hints that Davric would be interested in what is inside the scroll
  • Sathrago refused, fearing his master would cut his powers, but they asked what was in the scroll. Eolande said she couldn’t tell them without making a deal with them first, the deal was: She could tell them, they could keep the scroll, but she would come to pick it up in one year’s time
  • They also talked about switching masters for Sathrago and Eolande gave him a summoning leaf to call her when he wanted to switch
  • They ended up refusing
  • Elminster was told to never say anything to their master about what was done here
  • After, they headed towards the capital aboard the pilot’s newly fixed ship
  • They noticed a goblin army on their way (and they peed on them)
  • In front of the gates, Maddos decided to bluff his way in, mentioning Davric was poisoned and needed immediate assistance. One of the Warforged guard went with them to the clinic where they bluffed some more that Maddos didn’t remember because of the panic, but he had an antidote on him. Davric played his part by pretending to be feeling gradually better
  • After this whole “emergency” was fixed, the Warforged asked them what they were doing in the capital. They said they had information the authorities would be interested in and a letter to prove it. The guard didn’t really believe them, but it couldn’t to check it out. The militia men however noticed the army’s symbol and reacted very concerned, saying they had to get this straight to the army headquarters
  • Once there, they showed the letter and told them about the army, got quartered and eventually a scribe and decoder for the army decoded the letter in front of them, silently. He left and then two other people arrived. A tiefling and a dragonborn.
  • They explained that they have been aware the goblins and were going to make a move, and offered the gang to join them, which they agreed to


Jotunheimr Jotunheimr

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