Blessed are the dead

Hunting the Hag

  • They hunted the Hag up to her cavern
  • Went in, slowly made their way up to her
  • Long fight ensued when they met her, she was ready, they had made a lot of noise
  • During the fight, Sathragos healed the Hellhound that was with the Hag and intimidated him into servitude. He was however planning on attacking as soon as he could
  • Eventually, the hag tries to deal something with them. They argue and talk and eventually, Maddos makes a deal with her. She tells them about the kids, leave with them her Hearthstone and they let her leave
  • They grab the Hearthstone and a second one that was hidden in a chest and head back to the village with the kids in a magical sleep
  • In the village, while they were resting, Hobgoblins patrolled the village. They tried to escape, letting the Hobgoblins looking for them, but one found them and a fight ensued. They came out victorious and are now resting before giving the Hearthstone to the pilot and heading to the capital


Jotunheimr Jotunheimr

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